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With the advent of the Internet, multiple avenues are available for latest Bollywood movie downloads But some of these methods are illegal. Always remember that piracy is a crime. You can use the following apps on your computer, laptop, Android, and iPhone for movie download.

1. Netflix

Netflix has a lot of Hindi video content on its platform. Netflix app can be used on all mobile devices. You can stream unlimited movies and download them to your device. So go ahead use that office why to download your watch list. you can also watch these films using Netflix on tv. Many old Hindi Tv shows and movies along with the latest web series are now streaming on Netflix.

2. Amazon Prime video

Movie download is very easy on amazon prime video and they have most of the latest Bollywood movies. The best thing is amazon prime video subscription is free with Amazon Prime membership. Once you start watching a downloaded movie on prime video you have 48 hours till the movie download expires, but don’t worry because new movie download requires just 2 steps.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar has the highest quantity of Indian content and Hindi movie downloads are very easy. On Hotstar you can also stream Cricket matches and other sports too. The only downside is that sometimes the app is a little slow.

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